get fit over 40

“Balance is the base skill of all sports."

Coach Clark is dedicated to teaching “… skills none of the old-school coaches taught when I was young and fast. Those coaches never taught us how to properly stand and move.”

“In their prime, all the best players, in all sports - from Michael Jordan, to Barry Sanders, to Steve Yzerman – had exceptional balance and body control. Balance is the base skill of all sports.”

“I love seeing how players I coach today improve their game when they leverage the power of proper body position and balance.

Clark learned to skate in his late forties and is now a USA Hockey Master Coach. At 57 years of age, he still throws a football at least 50 yards.Paul attributes this athletic prowess to his dedication to GK. Using Geometric Kinesiology, he helps athletes from any sport – baseball, basketball, football, golf, and hockey - improve their balance and body control.

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